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Bald Dudes will be available to purchase through both our site & smart contract during our launch day, wherever a randomly generated, unique, bald dude will be given to you. After we sell out, they will only be able to be purchased through the secondary market.

Minting a Bald Dude NFT is free. You only pay gas fees!

If you're whitelisted, you can mint one Bald Dude NFT. Once public sale starts, you can mint as many as you want!

Bald Dudes will be on a rolling 24 hour reveal. Every 24 hours, we will reveal what was minted during that 24 hours time frame. All airdropped, contest winners, whitelist mints will be revealed at 6:00 PM GMT on the 24th - then so on and so forth.

You can do anything you want. It's yours, forever.